Hooray! We’re 2024 finalists!

We’re in the shortlist…

‘Best Booking Experience’

We’re thrilled to announce that you have nominated Prime Student Living as a finalist in the Autumn survey for the Best Booking Experience Award in the prestigious Global Student Living Awards.

We owe this incredible achievement to your valuable feedback, and we can’t thank you enough. These awards are truly special to Prime Student Living as they are based directly on your feedback. Students are at the heart of everything we do, and it s an honour to be recognised by those who call us home.
The Global Student Living Index plays a crucial role in our understanding of not only our own students but also overall student living and lifestyle across the globe. This invaluable information assists students in finding the best place to live, as recommended by their fellow students. Moreover, it helps us, as providers, gain a deeper understanding of the desires and requirements of students.
As we delve into the feedback from the recent survey, we are eager to address any concerns, incorporate valuable suggestions, and make necessary adjustments. This process involves not only identifying specific areas that require attention, but also recognising the positive aspects that contribute to an outstanding living experience. Your input is the driving force behind our continuous efforts and allows us to celebrate successes and address challenges effectively.
Once again, we appreciate your participation in the survey and the valuable insights you have shared. Together we are building a community that values and prioritises the well-being of students. Stay tuned for updates on the changes and improvements we will be implementing based on your feedback!