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Mobilisation & Marketing.

The ‘mobilisation’ of a new PBSA development is the term which describes the process of achieving maximum occupancy and rental income during the construction phase and getting the building operationally ready for occupation upon practical completion. Prime Student Living can be involved up to 12 months prior to completion to kick start the marketing activity and ensure everything is operationally ready to welcome the new residents.

Mobilisation timeline.

PSLB2B0003_Website_Mobilisation Icons-01
PSLB2B0003_Website_Mobilisation Icons_2_-01

Bespoke marketing strategy created

Rent setting

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PSLB2B0003_Website_Mobilisation Icons_2_-02

Marketing to students begins

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PSLB2B0003_Website_Mobilisation Icons_2_-03

Property Manager joins the team

Show flat opens

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PSLB2B0003_Website_Mobilisation Icons_2_-04

Staff recruitment and training

Setting up management office

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PSLB2B0003_Website_Mobilisation Icons_2_-05

Practical completion

Full occupancy achieved

Building opens

Expert Marketing.

Marketing forms an integral part of the mobilisation period ensuring that the development is fully occupied ahead of the completion. Our expert, in-house marketing team undertake a whole host of activity to promote the property, creating awareness and driving demand to win bookings.

Our 360o integrated strategy.

A bespoke marketing strategy tailored to our client’s budget, property and location, is created to generate maximum exposure and engage with students looking for accommodation.

Our in-house marketing team have the experience and knowledge on how to produce the very best results from our marketing campaigns. We understand that having a 360°, integrated approach to our marketing, covering all aspects of digital, social, print, promotions and events is key to success.


% of students use some form of social media

Engaging through Social Media.

Social media has become an important part of our marketing strategy as we utilise Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as a platform for brand building, providing information, customer service and conversion.

By posting fun, relevant and informative content about the properties we manage, the communities we create and the brand values we promote, we can grow engagement levels and ultimately drive students to our website.

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