Gold Certified Operator

We are excited to announce that our properties in both Cardiff and Leeds, have both been awarded the GSL PLATINUM Certified Property status. Both Sycamore House and Howard Gardens have been awarded the certification as a reflection on the team’s dedication and hard work.

The certification is based on resident responses to the GSL survey questions with results needing to exceed set thresholds across all 7 metrics that make up the GSL Index Score.

  • Condition & Quality
  • Bedroom
  • Value for Money
  • Care & Support
  • Recycling & Environmental Facilities
  • Overall Management
  • Internet

This recognition showcases Prime’s excellence in various aspects, from physical condition and quality to the level of care and support provided to residents.

This is in addition to Prime Student Living being awarded Gold Certified Operator status and nominations as finalists across 4 award categories in next months GSLI awards.

  • Best Booking Experience
  • Best Moving In Experience
  • Best Customer Service
  • Best Value for Money